Samten de Wet

Samten de Wet
     Samten de Wet: Cape Town, South Africa

Samten de Wet is an intrepid and seasoned researcher of history, art and esotericism. In the course of his extensive travels he has  met and collaborated with many great teachers of religion, spirituality and mysticism.

His understanding of and interest in astrology has been fostered by his fascination with hermeticism, alchemy and mythology. Samten’s erudition in the realms of history and culture enables him to provide valuable context to astrology’s historical development and vissisitudes.

You can find out more about his work and publications through his website:

Presentations by Samten de Wet

7 November:  The Hermetic Transmission of Astrology in Graeco-Roman Egypt

10 November: The Hermetic and Astrological Matrix of the Tarot