Nicola Smuts-Allsop

Nicola Smuts-Allsop: United Kingdom
Nicola Smuts-Allsop: United Kingdom

Nicola Smuts is a consulting astrologer, living in the UK.  She has a diploma from Rod Suskin School of Astrology in South Africa, and a medieval diploma from Astrologos in the UK. This year Nicola is enrolled at University of Christchurch in Canterbury for a Master’s degree in Sacred Myth and Cosmology.  Nicola lectures internationally on her fertility work, and her research and methods in this field are pioneering and unique.

Her success in diagnosing fertility issues in charts and finding potentially fertile times to try IVf and other reproductive treatments has been featured in mainstream press (Daily Mail UK, London Times UK, Sunday Times UK)  magazines such as Marie Claire (SA), OVA (UK) Fertility Road (UK) and her work has been featured on national television in South Africa.  Many couples are extremely grateful to her for the valuable, time-saving advice and recommendations she is able to provide, to maximise the potential for conception.  Her practical knowledge of the process of IVF and other reproductive treatments is extensive, and her own personal experience of secondary infertility makes her a compassionate and caring professional.

Presentations by Nicola Smuts-Allsop

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