Kate Petty

Kate Petty: USA
Kate Petty: USA

Kate Petty’s lifelong love for astrology has led her to practice a number of different systems including Symmetrical (Uranian), Hellenistic, Early Medieval, Indian, and Visual astrology. Her current primary focus combines Traditional and Symmetrical techniques, keeping an eye on mundane physical realities. She lectures, makes radio appearances, hosts webinars, and writes on these combined subjects.

She is an instructor in the Kepler College Certificate Program and a former President/Vice-President of the Washington State Astrological Association in the United States. Through her website she publishes a list of monthly antiscia and provides one-to-one online mentorship. She especially loves client work. Outside astrology, Kate is a professional visual artist and volunteers providing emotional support to women living in prison.

Website:    www.ambientastrology.com

Contact:    kate@ambientastrology.com

Presentations by Kate Petty

10 November 2015:  The Power of Antiscia: Symmetry in Steps of the Sun

11 November 2015:  Symmetrical Techniques for Every Astrologer (workshop)