Presentations by Ehsan Khazeni

The Firdar Periods: The Persian directional system of timing events

7 November 2015

persian firdarThe Firdar system of prediction is an ancient timing technique that has become more widely used among astrologers in the west. It involves time periods governed by a particular planet, not unlike the Dasha system of Jyotish. In this lecture Ehsan will demonstrate how Firdar periods are calculated and will demonstrate his approach to applying this information to natal chart interpretation.


Introduction to the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

9 November 2015

nakshatras 2In this 3 hour workshop Ehsan shares his detailed knowledge of the ancient lore of the 27 Nakshatras, or Lunar Mansions of Jyotish; the 27 wives of the Chandra. The rich and ancient mythology, as well as the various practical applications of the Nakshatras will be explored in a modern psychological approach that can be used for both Western and Vedic astrology.

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