Ehsan Khazeni

Ehsan Khazeni
  Ehsan Khazeni: Tehran, Iran

Ehsan Khazeni is an astrologer, software engineer and musician from Iran. He holds a BA degree in IT management.

He developed Tashtar Astrology Software (2007) which is the first Persian astrology software, Bindu Astrology Software and Saptarishis Research Software.

He is a pioneering researcher in the field of classical astrology and had lectured extensively in Iran and India. He has published several articles on astrology, Feng Shui, Persian history, literature and spirituality, as well as Vedic philosophy and mythology. He is the President of IIPA (International Institute of Predictive Astrology) in Iran and he was nominated as the chapter chairman of Iran in 25th International Astrology Seminar in Kolkata 2015.

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Presentations by Ehsan Khazeni

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