How It All Began

   Ana Carrapichano

This magical and almost improbable event wasn’t planned, but rather evolved from a serendipituous series of events. It all began with the inspired decision by Ana Carrapichano, owner of Shamballah, an holistic centre in Cape , to invite Robert Hand to visit South Africa at the end of 2015.

As the South African astrological community got wind of this plan, it became clear that many wanted to see and hear Robert Hand, and so it was decided to invite more speakers and expand the programme into a full international astrological conference.

Ana sought advice from her teacher, Anita Noyes Smith, as well as Rod Suskin and Richard Fidler (all prominent South African astrologers) on how to go about it.

As luck would have it, Richard had just returned from speaking at a conference in India where he had met with Michelle Gould of ISAR (who has lots of conference organizing experience). Before long a perfect little team gathered to bring you:

Astrology Restored: Bridging Epochs and Traditions