Presentations by Robert Hand 11 November 2015

Introduction to Electional Astrology

11 November 2015

sun overlordThis is the astrology of picking times to do things or to start enterprises. While modern astrologers attempt to do this on a regular basis, they do not in fact know the traditional methods that make it relatively easy to do this. These are systematic methods that can give even the relative beginner a leg up on doing “elections.” While the complete lore of elections is very complex, the basic principles are not. In this workshop there will be time to go into special topics, and the general methods for finding good times for doing particular things. Traditional methods will be stressed throughout except where modern astrology has something useful to add.

What Kind of Astrology Do We Want Anyway?

11 November 2015

what kind of astrologyIt is now clear that there are many different aspects of astrology and many purposes which astrology can fulfill. Within limits we can predict; we can offer advice coping with ones world, relationships and so forth; we can assist people in choosing good partners for relationships, we can answer specific questions and choose times that are best for taking action. Since the early 20th century astrology has also been used to assist people in their spiritual paths and to reach for greater wisdom and enlightenment. Of course we do not have to choose only one from among these and many other choices, but there are definitely things that we have to decide about what overall changes need to be made in contemporary astrology that would be real advances. This talk will present some possible answers to this question.