Robert Hand- keynote speaker

Robert Hand:
 Robert Hand: Las Vegas, USA

Robert Hand is considered by many to be the leading astrologer in the Western world. Robert will be the guest of honor and keynote speaker at the Astrology Restored conference.

Robert Hand is the author of several important and highly acclaimed books on astrology. His iconic Planets in Transit, and other notable works such as Horoscope Symbols and Planets in Composite, have been cornerstones of many an astrologer’s training.

Robert Hand has been instrumental in bringing about the restoration of much of our previously lost and forgotten ancient astrological heritage, through his involvement in Project Hindsight and founding of ARHAT MEDIA, and through his ongoing teaching and study.

You can reach Robert Hand and find out more about his work and services through the ARHAT MEDIA website:

Presentations by Robert Hand

6 November:  Towards A Post Modern Astrology

6 November: An Introduction to Mesoptomian Astrology

7 November:  Astrology and the Corpus Hermeticum

7 November:  Is Astrology a Religion? 

8 November:  Major Discoveries from Research into Traditional Astrology 

8 November: Astrology and Western Magic

9 November:  An Introduction to Medieval Natal Chart Analysis (workshop)

9 November:  Astrology and the Qabalah 

10 November:  The Interrogatory Method of Natal Chart Analysis 

10 November:  The Arabic Parts (workshop)

11 November:  Introduction to Electional Astrology

11 November:  What Kind of Astrology Do We Want Anyway?