Presentations by Richard Fidler

First Steps into Jyotish (workshop)

9 November 2015

GaneshThis is a practical introduction to Vedic astrology. If you know your way around your western astrological birth chart, and you’ve been keen to explore Jyotish, this workshop for you! You will learn the simple procedure for converting a western chart to the vedic format, and we’ll explore the core principles of Vedic style chart interpretation.  Much of this will be familiar to the student of western astrology, as far as the core concepts go, but you’ll find thought provoking new narratives coming into view.

A look at the Vedic understanding of the houses, the yogas (special combintations), and the unique timing systems of Jyotish, will all be included in the journey.

Create Your Own Graphic Ephemeris (workshop)

10 November 2015

graphic ephemerisIf reading and interpreting a graphic ephemeris is a little alien to you, this hands on workshop can help you connect with how they work, and in the process you can create an extremely useful representation of the planetary transits of 2016 for yourself. We’ll explore a variety of applications for this way  of presentating astrological data.

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