Presentations by Nicola Smuts-Allsop

Ancient Medicine for Modern Ailments

10 November 2015

1 in 6 couples have difficulty in conceiving. 30% of those have “undiagnosed” infertility – which means that they are physically healthy but not able to conceive (either naturally or with medical intervention).

IVF, an intrusive, expensive medical treatment for infertility, is only 65% successful, but only if  three treatments or cycles are undertaken.

Nicola Smuts will demonstrate that traditional or medieval astrology can help where medical science cannot. Taking the personal astrology of the couple, and timing medical treatments at potentially lucky or fertile times can increase a successful outcome. Techniques, such as the use of Almutens and Triplicity phase rulership, will be discussed with chart examples. Fertile signatures in the natal chart will also be highlighted.

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