Presentations by Anita Noyes Smith

Medieval Astrology and Number

10 November 2015

medieval numberAnita will explain how astrology and number are inextricable. This very basic knowledge will get most astrologers thinking through philosophies and the origins of what they study. Before the manifestation of the Zodiac and the planets, number comes first… What is this abstract concept of number and how should any astrologer be factoring this into into his/her astrological knowledge?

Restoring an Ancient System with Practical Knowledge

11 November 2015

astrologers viewing heavensSwitching from modern astrology to medieval astrology set Anita on an entire different path in her profession. She will explore the difference between modern and medieval astrology and will bring the ancient system back to light…
Share her experience and insight whilst learning the predictive techniques of medieval astrology an ancient system, which produces uncanny accuracy.

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